Are you logged into your account with the email address that you used to purchase the program? 

No? Please follow instructions within this article.

Yes? Carry on reading below.

Are you trying to access the program for the first time?

1. Did the payment go through?

Please check your bank statement and in case the payment was unsuccessful, just give it another try. You can check this article for some extra help. 

2. Different email?

Make sure you look for a program on the account associated with the email you used during the purchase (find "Your Mindvalley Login Details" email within your inbox).

Note that for each different email we’re creating a new Mindvalley account - so this may be where the confusion is coming from.

Recently purchased a program but can't find it? 

If you recently purchased a program please log into your account and click on the programs tab. Scroll down to available programs and you will see your program there. You will need to enroll to choose a date to begin. 

If you purchased Little Humans, Mindvalley Mentoring or Unlimited abundance you will find these under the channels tab.

Your existing program disappeared?

Program disappeared on an App? 

Follow the steps below one by one: 

  1. Log out and back in to the App 
  2. Restart your phone 
  3. Delete the App and then re-install once again ( iOS or Android version) 

Did you sign up with a payment plan?

If any of the instalment transactions fail because of the lack of funds (credit on your account) or outdated card details (expired card), then your course will automatically disappear from your library until you settle the payment.

You can update your payment information under the Billing section of your Mindvalley Account Profile so that you can jump right back on board.

Did you lose access to a subscription?

Once you cancel a subscription or ask for your money back, your access to the content is removed. 

There might be an update in progress

It is possible that we are cooking some upgrades for you and taking the program to the next level. Please come back a few hours later and try accessing your course again.

Went through the steps above but still cannot find your program?

Click on the chat icon on the lower-right corner and provide the following information:

  • The email address that is associated with that purchase
  • The name of the Program/Bonus
  • Screenshots from your Bank Statement showing your transaction and any additional details will be very helpful as well.

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