Welcome to the Mindvalley Mentoring Plus Tribe!

Important note: The Mindvalley Mentoring Facebook group is only available for Mentoring Plus Subscribers and is not included in the Mentoring Basic subscription.

To join the Mindvalley Mentoring Facebook Group and connect with thousands of other members:

  1. Go to the Mindvalley Mentoring Facebook Group
  2. Click Join Group and write the passphrase when asked. You can find the passphrase in your email and in the Community page of your Mindvalley account.  (See screenshot attached.) 

You also need to enter the same email which you used to purchase the Mindvalley Mentoring Plus subscription with.

Our Tribe Facilitators will only approve your application if you have entered the correct passphrase and email. Please note that it takes to 1-2 business days to approve your application, so don't be alarmed if you are not approved straight away. 

If you are interested in our other Facebook groups, such as Quest Tribes, please visit this article for more information.

Come and meet your Tribe and let's enjoy the journey together.

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