When Is My Quest Content Unlocked

When does Quest content become available in your time zone and why are some of the days locked?

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Quests start on a specific start date for all our students around the globe. We have quests that unlock daily and quests which unlock weekly.

If the quest has not started yet, all the days of the quest will be locked with a locked symbol next to the lesson as shown below. However, you can still do the warm-up/preparation lessons.

As shown below, you can see which lesson your current class is on and the next lessons are still locked. These lessons will be unlocked everyday at midnight (UTC) timing.

For example, if you're living in Chicago where it's GMT-5, your lessons will unlock at 7pm.

Click HERE to calculate your time.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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