In Short: 

  • You can cancel trial, monthly & yearly subscriptions yourself on the Billing Section of your account when accessing it through your browser.
  • If you signed up for the Mentoring subscription on Apple Store or Google Play store, please follow the guide in this article.

How to cancel a subscription

  1. Go to the Billing Section of your Mindvalley Account. 
  2. Click on "Cancel Subscription" under "Status"

Once it's done, you will see the status of your subscription in red as "Inactive". You won’t be charged for this program anymore.

Please note that a cancellation of a subscription does not automatically refund you. Should you also require a refund please follow the steps in this article.

With Mindvalley Mentoring and Mindvalley Quest All Access you will still have access to the content for the period you've already paid for. With our Soulvana subscriptions, you will lose access to all the resources when you cancel the subscription.

You can find all the details for cancelling your Lifebook Membership in this article. 

Resubscribing to a cancelled subscription

If your subscription has been cancelled, you can always resubscribe to the subscription by simply repurchasing the subscription service. Please visit this page for more information on all the different subscription services that we offer.

Disclaimer: All the policies can always be found on our sales and checkout pages.

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