Here at Mindvalley, we take the practice of transparency and honesty seriously. We would never intend to charge you for something you are not clear about and we really try to provide as much information about our payment systems as we can. In case your bill didn’t reflect what you expected, it’s likely that one of the following happened:

VAT Taxes 

If your billing or shipping address is located in an EU country, according to EU legislations, you get charged Value Added Tax with your purchase. Unfortunately, this is not up to us. If you have a valid VAT number and you still got charged with this tax, please contact us and we will make sure your bill is adjusted!

Exchange Rate

All of our prices are displayed in US dollars and when placing your order, the currency conversion is automatically made by your local bank. So if you are banking with a foreign bank or in another country, you might notice a slight difference in the amount withdrawn in your own currency. Each bank practices its own exchange rates and sometimes its own commission so it’s best if you get in touch with your bank to get some clarity about this.

Early Bird Discount Expiration

We often provide special discounted offers for only a limited time to our most passionate students who jump on the opportunity and sign up on the spot. If you try to save the link to our special price to get back to it after the offer ends, you might find that the special price has expired. Nevertheless, our sales and checkout pages will always display the correct price for you at the time of your purchase, so do take a second look when submitting your order!

Recurring Payments

If you have subscribed to any of the Mindvalley subscription programs, you'll automatically be billed on a pre-agreed date (monthly or annually). We value you as a customer and we always display clear pricing policies on our sales and checkout pages, so that you get what you expect!

Don’t forget your installment plan for the Courses and Quests that you have signed up for. Installment charges apply every month (30 days after the initial payment). For further information, please head to your Billing Profile to locate your invoice for clarity. 

Shipping Matters 

If you order a physical package from us, the shipping cost will be automatically updated on our checkout page based on your shipping address. Please always be mindful of the total price displayed on the final page before your payment goes through to avoid any surprises.

I Was Double Charged

Let's see what could be the reason :)

  • If you purchased any of the Mindvalley Subscription Programs, you'll be automatically billed on a pre-agreed date (monthly or annually). Please have in mind that we always display clear pricing policies on our sales and checkout pages. 

  • If you have purchased any of our courses through a Payment Plan (2 or 3 monthly instalments), you will be charged the same amount on the same day each month.

  • If you have purchased some other course or subscription through Upsell (apart from your main course), you will be charged on the same day.

You can check out the details of your purchase on your Mindvalley Homepage, by going to your Billing Section.

To check if any of the above-mentioned reasons apply, please go also to your online banking account and check your statement.

  • If you see the same amount charged on different dates - probably you’re getting charged for a subscription or a payment plan.

  • If the charges went through on the same date - it’s highly likely that you purchased more Mindvalley programs at the same time. Please contact our support team by clicking the chat widget in the bottom right corner if this happened accidentally. 

And lastly, in case your bank statement shows same payment amount charged on the same day or if you have other doubts/need more details - do not hesitate to contact us and our support agents will be there for you. Please include:

  • The dates of the payments

  • Amounts charged

  • Screenshot from a bank statement

  • The email used while making Mindvalley purchases

My billing details are not showing up

If the billing section of your account is not showing your payment history or invoices, it could be due to -

  • You have purchased through the Mindvalley app, or

  • You have logged in with a different email address.

If your purchase was made via the Mindvalley app, the payment and billing are handled directly by your app store.

You'll be able to find your payment details and history under the billing section of your app store account. You may click on the guides below on how to access your app store billing -

iOS Apple Store / Google Play Store

If you have a different email account, please log out of your account then log back in again with your Mindvalley email address.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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