Here is a list of the different subscription services that we offer to our customers:

Mindvalley Mentoring 

Mindvalley Mentoring (formerly Mindvalley Tribe Membership, Consciousness Engineering and Impact): Mindvalley Mentoring is a subscription program giving you access to bite-sized trainings hosted by Vishen Lakhiani together with the world’s best teachers. 

This gives you access to a collection of brain exchanges with Vishen and his mentors. In the bi-monthly new trainings, you will be following Vishen on his quest of collecting the best knowledge from the greatest minds in the world. To learn more about Mindvalley Mentoring, click on the links above.

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Mindvalley Membership

The Mindvalle Membership is a yearly subscription model that gives you access to nearly all of our quests. You get unlimited access to our vault of 30+ active quests as well as all the upcoming future quests.

  • Please note that a few of our Partner Programs such as WildFit and Lifebook Online are not included in the subscription. 

For more information regarding the Mindvalley Membership, take a look at this article.

Master's Circle

Master's Circle is a subscription that helps you deepen your coaching skills & reach the next level of success with insider secrets from the world’s best coaches. Peek behind the scenes and get exclusive master trainings, coaching demonstrations, business teachings, and insights from over 40 of the world’s most successful coaches and masters, so you can expand both your impact and income.

Note: You can to cancel your subscriptions at any time. If you do cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the content library.

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