Mindvalley is your daily Coach App for Evolved Education. Learn about Mindfulness and how to set Goals for your Mind, Body and Health, improving your Motivation and Productivity.

Download the Mindvalley App:

Note: Please be aware that we no longer have The Quest App running anymore. To ensure your programs run smoothly, please download the Mindvalley: Learn and Evolve.

Once you install it and log in with your email address and password you can access all your Mindvalley Quests and courses on any mobile device.

Updating your Mindvalley App:

Updating your App to the newest version is crucial for an uninterrupted learning journey. Outdated versions could potentially have glitches and obstacles while consuming your programs. 

Please read the following articles to perform the task:

And you're ready! We are excited for you to be part of our journey to the future of education.

New Features of the App

All your quests and courses in one place
The new & improved unified app is our solution to bring our world-class content into one app. This is part of our strategy to provide seamless user experience, expand and grow Quests, introduce our new subscriptions while still retaining access to our legacy Courses & Classics.

Today Tab
You will find all the Quests that you are currently learning here.

Programs Tab
This is divided into three sections:

  • Continue has all the Quests that you are currently taking. 

  • My Programs has all the Quests that you have purchased but are currently not enrolled in. 

  • Discover is where you can find new Quests to take. 

Channels Tab

You can find all of your subscriptions under the channels tab. This is where you can find your Mindvalley Mentoring episodes, your Mentoring At Work (former Impact) coaching episodes, Unlimited Abundance, Little Humans as well as your Lifebook Membership episodes. 

Looking for your Subscriptions and Mento
Spotlight and Siri on iOS
Quickly access your Mindvalley Programs and Episodes directly through Spotlight shortcuts or by asking Siri.

And they are mobile friendly!
You can tick off your daily tasks and watch the sessions on the go so you can absolutely integrate your learning experience into your current lifestyle. Learn about astonishing mental hacks and brilliant ideas while commuting to work or going for a walk.

In-APP Purchases 

If you made an in-app purchase, Apple and Google have their own refund policies which we cannot control from our end. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a problem once you scroll through their helpful guides for iOS here and for Android here.

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