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  1. What is a certificate?

    After requests from our students, we are starting to offer certificates of completion for many of our programs. These certificates indicate that you have completed the program; they are not intended to certify that you are a practitioner, teacher, or professional in the content. For those types of certifications, some of our authors offer more in-depth programs that you may enrol in. 

  2. Why would I want to have a certificate of completion?

    Many of our students are using the certificates as a way to identify themselves as people who have completed the Mindvalley program with others while others sign up for the certificate in order to commit themselves to finishing the program on time. 

  3. How do I receive my certificate?

    Once the program has finished, you will get access to an assessment test. After successfully passing the test, you will receive information on how to receive your certificate. 

  4. What is this assessment? Where I can I find it.

    The test is only available at the end of the program in the “Last Lesson”. Each test is intended to assess how much you have learned, and the results will be verified by Mindvalley before the certificate is granted. *Note that not all programs come with a certificate or test.

  5. What are the requirements to pass the assessment test?

    Students are required to score at least 80% to pass. Not to worry, if you have gone through each of the lessons and have done the majority of the homework, you can rest assured that you will not have any difficulty passing this test. 

  6. Will the certificate be shipped to my home?

    The certificate will not be shipped. However, we have many members who will print it out, frame it, and show it off to their community!

  7. I’ve already completed this program; may I get a certificate too?

    We are focusing on providing certificates for our new students at the moment, but we will be opening up this possibility to past students in the near future. 

  8. I didn’t buy the certificate when I bought the program; can I purchase it later if I change my mind?

    Yes, you will be able to opt-in for certification at the end of the program. In case you can’t find it please write to Mindvalley Support.

  9. How long after I complete the assessment will I be given the certificate?

    Please expect it to take 7 - 14 days. If you have successfully passed the assessment and still have not received it from us after 14 days, please contact us. 

    Keep in mind, that all certificates will be dated based on the intake and month you started. For example: If you enrolled in Duality in the May cohort and you passed the knowledge test for the certificate in July, the certificate will be dated as May.

  10. How many tries do I have to pass the test?

    Students will have unlimited attempts to retake the test within the 2 weeks of the active assessment time. This active assessment time starts as soon as the last day of the Quest/Course ends.


  11. How can I get the answers to the assessment?

    The answers to the assessment will only be provided to those who have passed the assessment and have ordered the certificate. 

  12. Can I get a rebate on my certificate purchase?

    You can only request your money back for the entire purchased Course or Quest and if it is still under refund policy days. In that case, the price of the certificate will be returned to you as well.

  13. I misspelled my name. Can I modify my name?

    If your certificate is not showing your name properly, please update your name in your profile and submit the test again. You can find steps to update your profile in this article.

For a full list on which Quests contain certificates, please refer to this article.

Quests with an * at the end of the name have certificates.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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