A-Fest is strictly invite-only, a policy ensures a carefully curated community with similar values and a shared mission.

In order to attend A-Fest you need to fill out the application form here, so we can learn more about you.

Our team will then review your application, and if we feel you’re a strong fit, we’ll send you further information. Please expect to receive a response from 1 week from the day you've applied.

What are the requirements to be accepted?

A-Fest is not restricted to entrepreneurs. Past attendees include entrepreneurs, employees, artists, thought leaders, innovators, doctors, writers, educators, speakers, professional athletes, Hollywood actors... and more! What we're looking for are extraordinary change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to positively impact the world. We look for people who are inspiring, ambitious and can help spread the powerful concepts shared during A-Fest.

Typically, we like to ensure there is a 50/50 split of men and women, as well as selection of representatives from countries and cultures across the globe. There is no age barrier at A-Fest. 

Our team will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. This may take up to 1 week, depending on the number of applications we have to review. If your application is accepted we will then send you more information about the event, and a link to purchase your ticket. Please note, you will have a limited time to secure your ticket before it is passed onto someone else on our waiting list.

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