Mindvalley Global Campus Membership is our annual program that dramatically amplifies your human potential through Community, Consistency, and Rapid Growth.

We do this by giving you unprecedented access to Mindvalley’s most transformational event, A-Fest, and continued learning opportunities online through Mindvalley’s Quest All Access (valued at $595).   

Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to complete the purchase of your Mindvalley Global Campus Membership ($995/year). Your membership will be active for 12 months from the date of purchase.  

Please note that the event tickets are an additional fee and will need to be purchased separately.

Mindvalley Global Campus membership exclusive benefits:

  • One-time application process for access to our flagship event, A-Fest, which is now available exclusively to Mindvalley Global Campus Members
  • Discounted tickets for Mindvalley University and Mindvalley LIVE
  • VIP treatment at each and every one of our events – No matter where we come together you’ll be invited to join us at private gatherings and dinners, with Vishen and other VIPs, priority seating, and more
  • Exclusive private group to connect with other Global Campus members
  • Concierge to assist in your membership experience
  • Exclusive access to more than a dozen transformative and highly curated experiences all over the world, including celebrations and adventures, and VIP gatherings and meet-ups
  • Access to Mindvalley Quest All Access, granting you unlimited access to almost every single Quest Mindvalley has ever made (and that will ever be made)

Apply here to become a Member and once your application has been approved, a fee of $995/year will be due and you’ll be an official Mindvalley Global Campus Member. Please note there are additional fees to be paid separately for each event.

If you’re already owning Mindvalley Quest All Access just pay the price difference and become a member!

Mindvalley Global Campus membership has 30-day money back policy from the date of purchase.

For more information please visit this page on our main site. 

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