Live call recordings are only available to Mindvalley Membership students

Live Call Schedule

You can find the Live Call schedule with all the dates and times in your tribe and in the email that is sent to you. 

Do take note of the different time zones. Be sure you don't miss out with worldtimebuddy. This allows you to make sure you're aligned with the given timezone.

How to Access The Live Sessions

You can find the links to the live calls & the detailed information on how to join them by clicking on that particular day of the Quest. 

Once the session is over, the recording of the call can also be found on the same page. This will be uploaded to the lesson at the end of the week. 

Live call recordings are only available to Mindvalley Membership students

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can’t join the live calls. When will the recording be available?

The recordings will be made available at the end of the week after the live call has ended. Please rest assured that you won't miss out on the good stuff!

2. I really want to watch the live calls but the scheduled timing doesn’t suit me. Is there something you can do?

We won't be able to accommodate to every student's schedule. However, you will always be able to submit your questions before the live calls so it will be answered. The links and information will be given under the respective live call section. 

3. Can I get reminder emails for the live calls?

This strictly depends on the time when you signed up for the program. If you did so on/after the start date of the Quest or if you have unsubscribed from the program's email updates, you will not be receiving any of these emails. However, all the information you need can be found within the program, and you don’t need to depend on the reminder emails for important links and dates.

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