Once you've enrolled to your quest and selected your start date, this is your first encounter:

Click Continue to Intro 1. This will take you to the first agenda in the Warm-up Section as shown below. Familiarize yourself with the different buttons. The functions of these buttons will be discussed further in this article.

#1: Back To Intros Button
Located on the upper left-hand corner, this link allows you to view the entire agenda of the program and jump from one lesson to another. It's mostly useful in case you need to review or rewatch a previous lesson. Here's how it looks like once you've clicked on Back To Intros :

#2: Lesson Button
This shows the lesson that you need to consume for the day/week. It contains the video of the day/week, a brief description, and instructions on what to do.

#3: Discussions Button
This shows updates, comments, questions, feedback or insights of other students, about this specific lesson. Each lesson has a discussion tab. You are encouraged to post, share and connect with your tribe members, and learn from each other on this specific section. Here's how it looks like:

#4: Community Button

Every Quest program comes with an online community. This is part of the feature that makes Quests such a powerful form of learning. Like the discussion tab, the community shows updates, comments, questions, feedback or insights of other students taking the program, in a broader context. The tribe ambassadors/community manager are here to assist you in your learning journey.

You will also find useful links such as: Tribe Handbook | Support Centre | FAQ | Tribe Ambassadors | Messenger and Accountability | Go To Quest

Just click on the community button and it will take you the page as shown below:

#5: Your Video/Content of the Day/Week

Simply press on the play button to go through your lesson of the day/week. On the right side, you will find time stamps on certain topics for easier navigation.

#6: Workbook Button

Simply click on the Download button to download your preparation guide/workbook. These resources can be downloaded and edited from a laptop computer.

#7 Task Completion Button

When you're done with your daily learning and activities, mark each task as completed.

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