If you would like to change the start date of your Quest to a later or earlier date, you can do so on the main page of your Quest. Please note that you can only choose between the fixed dates when the Quest cohorts start. You can also not choose a cohort where the Quest has already ended.

Important: If you are a Lifebook Online student, please be advised that changing your cohort date nullifies your eligibility to apply for refund upon completing your program. Read this article for more details.

In order to choose another cohort/start date:

1. Go to the main page of your Quest where you see the list of days.

2. Click the Change button next to the dates of your Quest

Web View: 

App View:

3. Change the dates to what you prefer and confirm your choice

Please note that when you select a new cohort, any progress made in the quest until now will be reset. This means that you will have to mark the days as "Complete" once more. Please also be aware that if the cohort is set to start in the future, the days will be locked until the start date of the Quest, after which they will unlock day-by-day.

Can I go back and enroll in an earlier date to start my quest? 

Yes, you can re-enroll from as early as the Monday prior. (Please note that this may differ for premium quests such as Lifebook Online and Wildfit). 

Important notes regarding cohort change:

  1. When changing your cohort, the information regarding your Facebook group will be found within the program please click on the community link within your quest, for your link and passphrase. More information on this here.
    If you would like to exit the Facebook group for the old cohort, you will need to do this via the Facebook group settings.

  2. When you change your cohort, you will not receive emails regarding your Quest for the new cohort. You will still receive the emails for the cohort that you originally signed up for. If you'd like us to remove you from the email list, please contact our support.

  3. Our Money Back Policy will only apply to the cohort start date that you originally signed up for and will not apply to the new cohort.

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