We have updated the Mindvalley Student Dashboard to make it easier for you to organise your Quests. Once you log in to your Mindvalley account you will see the Navigation bar on top.

If you are new to Mindvalley please read this article first on how to log in to your Mindvalley account.

Once you're logged in, check out our new features such as the Search bar to find your Quests and the Level you are in. To learn more on the available levels, click here. To stay up to date you can click on the Notifications bell sign to explore more.

You also have the Profile icon, to manage your profile, get Support and to log out.

Under Manage My Profile, you will be able to edit your profile, update your photo, change your password, manage your billing and email lists, click here to update your profile.

Let's get Started: Navigation Bar

Today is your home page, here you will find all the Quests that you are currently learning.

All of our free content is also available at the bottom of your Today page - from talks to podcasts and masterclasses, you can find and easily access them all from here. We are constantly updating and featuring the very best of our content.

My Programs

You can now find all of your Quests and Courses under the My Programs Tab.

Scroll down to find your quest. On top you will see Continue Learning, these are all the quests that you are currently taking.

To View all quests, use the Show All tab to see the full list of your Quests.

Under the My Programs section, scroll down the page and you will find all the programs which you have purchased. Click on All My Programs to select between Programs I can start and Completed Programs.

How do I start a program?

For Quest with different cohorts, you will need to click Select Start Date, to choose a date to begin.

  1. Select the Quest you want to begin

  2. Click on Select The Start Date.

  3. Choose a date to begin.

For all Perpetual Quests, you will see a Start Now button.

  • For all Perpetual Quests, you will see a Start Now button.

If you do not see your newly purchased Quest there, you may have used another email or there may be a typo in your email when you made the purchase. Please contact Customer Support to help you track this.

Mindvalley Classics and Courses

You will find all your old Mindvalley courses and programs at the end of the My Programs page.


The Discover Tab takes you to the Mindvalley store, here you can find information on new quests and purchase your next Quest.


This is where you can find your Mindvalley Mentoring episodes, your Mentoring At Work (former Impact) coaching episodes, Unlimited Abundance, Little Humans as well as your Lifebook Membership episodes. Click here to go to Channels.


Here you will find all the information on upcoming Mindvalley events - from Mindvalley Live, Mindvalley University and A-Fest.

Communities and Facebook Tribes

Our powerful, interactive Tribes are one of the main reasons why our Quests have become such a powerful form of learning. Please note that all your communities are located in each Quest.

If you have purchased one of our Quests and would like to join the corresponding Tribe/Facebook group, click the Go To Community button on the main page of your Quest.

Visit our new Forum, where you can view, ask questions and get answers about Mindvalley.

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