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WildFitⓇ is a Paleo-influenced health methodology program, that draws heavily from evolutionary history and modern-day hunter-gatherer communities. A key principle of WildFitⓇ is that ‘every living thing has a diet’ and that the degree to which a species can stay on its diet is a measure of its health and longevity. These principles are known to have existed for at least 5–6 million years.

WildfitⓇ creator, Eric Edmeades, has been a professional speaker and executive business mentor for two decades; he understands behavior and how to create lasting change in you. The program structure is based on powerful behavioral psychology techniques that help you implement the changes you want, quickly and easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is WildFit Quest for? What exactly will it do for me?

This program is for everyone who thinks it’s hard (and unnecessary) to stick to traditional weight-loss diets and exercises to improve their health. And rightly so. There are interesting statistics that say that the average American actually gains 3 lbs for every diet program they try. Because these traditional diets are designed by people who don’t approach health problems holistically.

On the contrary, the WildFit Program is based on the principle that ‘every living thing has a diet’ and that the degree to which a species can stay on its diet is the same degree to which it will experience health and longevity.

Thus WildFit draws heavily from evolutionary history, nutritional anthropology and modern-day hunter-gatherer communities to map out the perfect natural human diet. When this is combined with the powerful science of behavioural psychology, it makes for one hell of an effective body transformation program unlike any other.

So, if you’re looking for a true, natural and fast solution to your health problem, you’ve found the right thing.

How exactly does the WildFit Program work?

The WildFit Program is a carefully constructed program that transitions people toward a healthier more functional diet; the human diet.

This challenge is sort of like an obstacle race where thousands of participants join forces together for overcoming the obstacles that stop them from living healthy. 

The entire WildFit Program is held online and is facilitated through a combination of pre-recorded coaching videos that are released to you on a specific schedule, and a tribe where you can discuss with others following the Quest as well.

Can I be sure that WildFit will work for me?

Our clients range from people with severe health issues to high-performance athletes. Clients come to us with a variety of goals including weight loss, weight gain, more energy, symptom reduction, better sleep, levels of intimacy and fertility, and, simply a desire to feel better and have more energy.

WildFit is highly effective, it bridges the gap between knowing what you should do and getting you to really do it. Yes, it will work for you.

It also has a 96% program completion rate. Let that sink in.

Is WildFit suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, you can definitely still do WildFit and experience the various health benefits that come with it. But just keep in mind that the WildFit approach will recommend certain animal-based foods at certain parts of the 90-day Quest, which you can substitute with other plant-based foods that align with your dietary choices.

I'm allergic to certain types of food. Can WildFit help me?

We highly recommend you first consult your doctor regarding any food allergies you may think you have. If you indeed have any confirmed allergies to any of the foods recommended in the WildFit Program, please avoid them. With that said, the WildFit is not a hyper-restrictive diet where you’ll be limited to a minute range of foods. So, you will likely have other alternatives to choose from.

Nevertheless, over the course of the 90 days, there will be access to a tribe where you can address your specific allergy, so you can get customized support during your WildFit journey.

Interestingly, because of the way WildFit is structured, some of our past students discovered that they had attributed the wrong type of food to their allergies and chronic inflammation. While we cannot guarantee this will be the case for you, WildFit will certainly help you gather a lot of insight and data on how certain foods can impact your body.

Do I have to exercise while on WildFit?

No. One of the biggest myths in health and fitness is the idea that you need to exercise to get healthy. But the truth is, science has shown that 95% of your body shape is determined by your diet and only 5% is determined by your physical activity.

However, one of the best side-effects of going on the WildFit Program is that you will likely experience spikes in energy and you may actually feel like wanting to exercise. But this is not a necessary aspect of the program.

Will I get rid of diseases?

WildFit is not a medical program and should not be taken as medical advice.

While clients have reported normalized blood sugar, eliminated allergies, healthy weight loss and a dramatic reduction of various symptoms, these are simply side effects of living a better lifestyle.

While many clients have eliminated various symptoms and ailments — and reduced their dependency on medication — we suggest that before making any major changes to your health-care plans (including medication dosage) you should consult your medical practitioner.

Do you guarantee that it will work for me?

It is quite simple. Just sign up, do the program, and watch the videos. Do the check-ins. Follow the rules. If you don’t get results in 10 days simply request a refund and you will get one. WildFit is highly effective and we are very confident that you will get great results as long as you stick with the program.

How should I prepare for the WildFit Quest?

Don’t. Don’t change a thing until the program begins. You may be tempted to start making changes or improving your habits but the WildFit Program works best when you simply arrive as you are; not on your best behavior. For now, keep eating normally and don’t change a thing.

WildFit is really well structured and will take you through a carefully designed system for improving your habits and your mindset.

Programs that simply ask you to give up things you still want are doomed to failure; WildFit will help you permanently change the way you view your diet and the decisions you make in the future.

WildFit simply works.

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