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How often are new classes added?

Two new Master’s Circle trainings will be added every month: A Master coaching demonstration hosted by Jason Goldberg and a business training hosted by Ajit Nawalkha. These new monthly trainings will be added to the current library of over 80 trainings. On top of that you have special bonuses & members only perks that allow you to browse more of what Evercoach by Mindvalley has to offer at a discounted rate.

I'm already a certified coach, why would I need more training from Master's Circle?

Being certified from one institute will merely give you one perspective, and this could keep you stuck or stagnating. Being in Master’s Circle opens you to experience a whole spectrum of strategies, tools, and systems from over 40 elite Masters in the world. Plus, Master’s Circle also offers business training which many certifications miss out on.

This combination of trainings from a wide range of masters guarantees you will experience new shifts and overcome what’s keeping you stuck. You’ll find yourself quickly and easily moving up the four stages of Mastery because Master’s Circle keeps you on the right track of constantly developing the 3 pillars of Mastery: You, Your Methodology, Your Business.

I haven't started my coaching business yet/ I'm not certified. Can I still benefit from joining Master's Circle?

Yes, absolutely! You don’t need to be in business for long or get certified in order to benefit from joining Master’s Circle! In fact, the sooner you allow yourself to learn from a variety of the best people in the industry, the sooner you’ll create a memorable, unique and authentic coaching style. Which will then transform you into a highly sought-after Master right from the start! So go ahead, join Master’s Circle today!

Can I just hire a team to take care of the business side of things?

While it’s always a great idea to accept help, be aware that even if you hire others, YOU are still the boss. The people you hire will still turn to YOU for guidance. You need to know how to run your practice like a business if you want it to make money like a business (rather than a hobby).

With Master’s Circle, we’re not just giving you a general overview of how to run a business, we’re giving you the exact strategies and systems most successful coaches in the industry use to make multiple 6 and 7-figure incomes. All you need to do is replicate them in your business and train your team to execute. There’s no easier or faster way to achieve rapid business growth.

Do you offer a guarantee that it works?

We’re 100% confident you will experience results, shifts, and transformations from the very first month of joining! That’s why our guarantee allows you to cancel your Master’s Circle subscription at any time. And while we know every coach who shows up to the trainings and is committed to getting results will experience results, we won’t ask any questions if you decide it’s simply not for you.

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