What exactly is Mindvalley Global Campus Membership?

Mindvalley Global Campus Membership is our annual program that dramatically amplifies your human potential through Community, Consistency, and Rapid Growth.

We do this by giving you unprecedented access to Mindvalley’s most transformational event, A-Fest, and continued learning opportunities online through Mindvalley’s Quest All Access (valued at $595).   

Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to complete the purchase of your Mindvalley Global Campus Membership ($995/year). Your membership will automatically renew after 1-year period.

Please note that the event tickets are an additional fee and will need to be purchased separately.

Apply here to become a Global Campus Member. 

What will happen to my Global Campus membership while there are no events?

Your Global Campus Membership is active for an entire year from your date of purchase. While it’s active you can enjoy unlimited access to 30+ quests (with more on the way) from the world’s best teachers with Mindvalley’s Quest All Access.

Given the current global situation we are currently not planning any live events in 2020. As such the price for all Global Campus membership renewals will drop from June 1, 2020 from $995 to $599 for 1 year (that’s the price of Mindvalley’s Quest All Access, which is included in the membership) .

All Global Campus Members will also get free access to Mindvalley University Online (value $299) happening July 13 to Aug 2.

Who needs Global Campus Membership?

Every adult (18+) who wants to attend Mindvalley’s Transformation Event, A-Fest, needs to become a Mindvalley Global Campus Member ($995pa) in order to access a ticket. 

Once you secure your membership, you will receive access to a Welcome Guide which will explain how you can secure exclusive access to A-Fest, as well as discounts and VIP upgrades to other Mindvalley events taking place across the globe.  

How can I secure membership for my direct family members?

Your direct family members aged 18+ (spouse, or significant other, siblings, parents, or grandparents) can secure membership on this page.

Unfortunately, you are not able to purchase multiple memberships at once, so you will need to put through a new purchase for each new membership required. Once a membership is purchased, the person to whom the membership is registered will receive a link to secure event tickets. Note: If you have trouble purchasing the second membership, please open the browser in ‘Incognito’ mode.

Can I cancel Global Campus Membership? Will I get a refund? 

Yes! Once you purchase your membership you have 30 days from the date of purchase to try it and if you decided you don’t want to be a member any longer, you can refund. 

If you don’t wish to renew your membership, you can cancel your subscription anytime so it will not automatically renew for the next period.

Please note your membership must be active to both use and access your A-Fest ticket, or any other Mindvalley event tickets that are discounted for members, or VIP upgraded for members. Membership must be active on the first/start day of the event.

Once you attend an event you will no longer be eligible for a refund on your membership.

What kind of a discount am I getting for A-Fest, Mindvalley University and Mindvalley LIVE?

Global Campus Members receive exclusive access to A-Fest, starting at $3,295, however, there are no discounted tickets as this event is open exclusively to members. 

Global Campus Members receive special offers and discounts to Mindvalley University and other events such as Mindvalley LIVE. 

For more information or to buy a ticket for any of Mindvalley’s events, log into your members-only ‘Guide’ here

How do I secure a spot for A-Fest or other events such as Mindvalley University or Mindvalley LIVE?

After enrolling in Membership you will receive an email with a link to your ‘Member Guide’. This guide is a ‘live’ document and here you will find information on all of our events, as well as any special offers or benefits available to members. 

For more information or to buy a ticket for any of Mindvalley’s events, log into your members-only ‘Guide’ here.

Can I also get a discounted ticket for a friend/relative?

Every adult (18+) needs to become a Global Campus Member to attend A-Fest or to benefit from the discounted ticket prices for Mindvalley University and Mindvalley LIVE. However, they can attend as a guest, at a slightly higher rate without becoming members.  

If they wish to become a member, only one adult per family needs to apply and be approved for membership). 

Once they do, all direct adult family members (siblings, parents, spouse, grandparents) can purchase their membership directly, followed by their A-Fest ticket or their members-only discounted tickets. 

Friends are not eligible to bypass the application process and need to apply for membership.

Are there any courses or Quests included with this subscription?

Global Campus Membership now includes Mindvalley’s Quest All Access (valued at $595), meaning you’ll get access to more than 30 of Mindvalley’s Quests included in your membership.

To access, log in to your Mindvalley Account or App you will see that all Quests that are available to you, unlocked.

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