Our mission is to put a Lifebook into the hands of a million people worldwide.

Why? Because we believe that the overall improvement in human consciousness that Lifebook produces will create a ripple effect throughout the world for the better.

Because of this, we offer a “Free After Completion” model for our Lifebook Online program, the first step to living your Lifebook lifestyle. 

How does it work? 

STEP 1: Purchase the program and submit a refundable $500 accountability deposit.

STEP 2: Enroll based on the Start Date you purchased with. In order to qualify for the refundable accountability deposit, you MUST enroll based on your respective Start Date in the program.

To confirm your Start Date, simply view your purchase confirmation email for the information as shown in the image below. To find that email in your inbox, search for the subject: “Welcome to Lifebook Online”.

Not sure how to start? Check out this support article on how to start your Quest. .

STEP 3: Watch every training video released weekly, and use it to create your own personal Lifebook by writing your Premise, Vision, Purpose and Strategy for each of the 12 categories.

STEP 4: Submit your Lifebook refund request form by your refund deadline, for your full $500 refund. You'll receive the form in two ways:

You'll receive the form in two ways:

a) In the program itself: On the last week of the Quest, you'll see the option for opting for a full refund.

b) Email: During the last week of the program the instructions for requesting a refund will be sent to you.

Once verified and approved, you’ll get every cent of your enrollment fee refunded (including any VAT paid).

You can find your Lifebook Online dates for your program on the main page of your Lifebook Online. This is under the shown under the Lifebook image.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I don't complete the program, or submit my refund application on time?

If this happens, your $500 enrollment fee won’t be refundable. But, you’ll still have lifetime access to the entire program, so you can complete it at your own pace. This is already at a fraction of the price of $1250.

2. How easy will it be to get my $500 after I finish the program?

Very easy! After finishing the program, all you have to do is answer a short form we'll send out. That's it! After submitting, you can expect your refund within 2 - 3 weeks.

3. Will I lose access to the Lifebook Online program when I request for a refund?

Yes, if you decide to request for your accountability deposit refund, you will lose access to Lifebook Online on the Mindvalley platform. 

The program videos won’t be available anymore, however, you’ll get to keep your Lifebook templates and other resources you downloaded during the program. Your personal Lifebook is yours to keep.

4. I've enrolled in the program but realized I can’t commit now. Can I get a refund?

Our page stated that we only provide a refund after you’ve completed the program, and submit the refund request form by the respective date. Due to company policy, we’re strict with this process. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

5. Why is my program more than $500?

If you are from an EU country, this is because in January 2015, the EU passed a law that requires companies to charge VAT for products based on the location of the customer (You) instead of the location of the company (Mindvalley).

You can read more information about VAT tax and VAT exemption here.

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