What is Lifebook Membership?

Lifebook Membership is a subscription program for graduates of Lifebook Online and Lifebook Mastery. It’s for ‘A-Player’ Lifebookers passionate about living a 12-category-smart life, and who want to keep elevating their Life Assessment scores in each of those areas.

Once you get clear on your Vision from Lifebook Online and have an Action Plan to achieve it from Lifebook Mastery, it’s time to take massive, focused action to bring your vision to reality.

The 2 key elements to success at this stage are:

Having a Support System – Surrounding yourself with inspiring and positive achievers that uplift you, fuel your progress and hold you accountable to your goals.

Applying 12-Category Mastery – Continuous learning and growing in each of the 12 Lifebook categories.

Lifebook Membership provides ongoing support, peer accountability and a continuous learning system. It’s the ultimate Inner Circle for like-minded Lifebook Graduates personally mentored by Jon & Missy to fast-track their success. It’s a place for Lifebookers committed to achieving their goals and truly mastering a 12 category smart life.

To find out how to enrol into Lifebook Membership, please read this article.


1. What is included in my Lifebook Membership?

1 Monthly Exclusive LIVE Connection Call with Jon & Missy Butcher – where they share their latest experiments & strategies.

Accountability Community – an exclusive community where you can find your accountability group of likeminded Lifebookers and support each other with achieving your goals.

Habit-Forming Challenges designed for rapid transformation and facilitated by world-renowned experts to help you practice or form new empowering habits across the 12 areas of your life.

12-Category-Smart Content Library with expert interviews going deep into category of the month and providing actionable tips & hacks.

Lifebook LifeNotes Library – powerful summaries of the most incredible books ever written in the category of the month topic (in PDF and MP3 format).

2. How do I use my Lifebook Membership?

Being in Lifebook Membership means that you are living a Lifebook Lifestyle where you are constantly revisiting your Life Vision, Goals and Habits, that you define using Lifebook Online and Lifebook Mastery. 

The community, accountability group, live calls, challenges and content library are there to support you in expanding your knowledge and holding you accountable to the vision and action plan you’ve created.

Lifebook Membership runs in a monthly cycle. Each month, Jon & Missy dive deep into a different category – starting with Health & Fitness in January, and ending with Life Vision in December. The discussions in the Tribe and new content in the library will follow this cycle.

However, if you decide to not follow this cycle, you can still use the content of the library from the other chapters that you would rather focus on. And you can definitely still share your thoughts, insights, celebrations, challenges with the community!

 3. How do I cancel my Lifebook Membership Trial/Subscription?

You can cancel your trial / subscription in your account Billing Page.

For more details about cancelling your Lifebook Membership Trial / Subscription, please read this article.

4. How do I join the Lifebook Membership Facebook Group?

You can find the Lifebook Membership Facebook Group in the “Communities” tab of the Mindvalley app or platform, provided you are a subscriber of Lifebook Membership.

Just look for the Lifebook Membership card, click on the link and enter the passphrase provided.

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