This article is only for students who own Lifebook Mastery and/or Lifebook Membership. If you would like to find out how to enroll in Lifebook Mastery and Lifebook Membership, please read this article (link to how to enroll article).

To find your Lifebook Mastery and Lifebook Membership program, you must log into either your Mindvalley account from or the Mindvalley app.

From the menu, select either Programs for Lifebook Mastery or Channels for Lifebook Membership.

You will find the Lifebook Mastery program under the Programs tab.

And, you will find your Lifebook Membership subscription under the Channels tab.

If you are unable to find either programs, please follow the instructions provided in this article. This article will guide you to find your Lifebook programs or any other Mindvalley programs.

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