The reason we decided to offer Lifebook Mastery and Lifebook Membership together is simple.

In Lifebook Mastery, you’ll learn how to design your life around the Lifebook Lifestyle by creating an Action Plan for your Life Vision. 

Then in Lifebook Membership, you’ll get a chance to live this Lifebook Lifestyle in your daily life, as you carry out this Action Plan during the 30-day trial.

This trial period was designed to enable you to immerse yourself in the Lifebook Lifestyle, while interacting with fellow students who have already committed to living it out at the same time.

And while 30 days to consume Lifebook Mastery and test Lifebook Membership may seem like a short time, bear in mind that Lifebook Mastery as a program is one you’ll continuously revisit as you fine-tune your Action Plan in each week/month/quarter/year. 

These 30 days, then, are really to give you momentum to design that initial Action Plan with Lifebook Mastery, and actually carry it out while you’re subscribed to the Lifebook Membership trial.

As Jon says, "Done beats Perfect". This offer has been designed to help you achieve exactly that.

And to get your momentum going, feel free to use the steps below to maximize your 30 days:

  1. Get your Life Vision from your Lifebook ready.
  2. Explore the content available to you in both the Lifebook Mastery Quest and Lifebook Membership Library*.
  3. Join the Lifebook Membership Facebook Group*.
  4. Go through each chapter of the Lifebook Mastery Quest in the order provided
  5. As you complete each chapter, do each of these things:
  6. Share your thoughts, ideas, celebrations and challenges with the Lifebook Membership Facebook Group. Or, ask questions about something you need advice on.
  7. Find a piece of content in the Lifebook Membership Library that will help you expand your knowledge. For example, if your Vision, Goal or Habit is focused on Health & Fitness, find a piece of content in the Lifebook Membership Library in that category. Then adjust them accordingly based on what you just learned.
  8. Repeat Step 5 for each chapter of Lifebook Mastery.
  9. Optional: Create or join a Lifebook Membership Accountability Group*.

*Access and instructions for the Lifebook Membership Library, the Lifebook Membership Facebook Group, and the Lifebook Membership Accountability Group, can be found in the last chapter of Lifebook Mastery – Next Steps: Lifebook Membership.

By following these steps, we believe that you’ll be able to see just how helpful the Lifebook community and Membership Library can be in supporting your Lifebook journey.


1. When does Lifebook Mastery start?

Lifebook Mastery starts whenever you enroll in the offer. Unlike Lifebook Online, you can start Lifebook Mastery at any time and all the content will already be unlocked for you. So you can go through the videos anytime you want!

2. Can I start my Lifebook Membership trial at a later date?

No, your Lifebook Membership trial starts as soon as you accept the $1 offer.

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