The Lifebook Membership Live Calls are communicated via email and the Lifebook Membership Facebook Group.

The reminder emails are sent 2-3 days before the Live Call and another 2 emails are sent 2 hours and 15 min prior to the call. The links and instructions are provided in the email.

These Live Calls are also scheduled as events under the Lifebook Membership Facebook group.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the call. A recording of the call will be added to your Lifebook Membership Library after the call is over.

  1. Login to your Mindvalley Account
  2. Click on channels
  3. Scroll down to Lifebook Membership
  4. Click on See more
  5. Open full catalog
  6. Click on the category
  7. Look for the Recorded calls covers.

Recorded Live calls

Here you will see the full list.

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