You can cancel your trial membership yourself on the Billing Section of your account when accessing it through your browser. 

For a more detailed walk-through on how to cancel, please visit this page in our help center


1. What happens when I cancel my Lifebook Membership Trial / Subscription?

When you cancel your trial / subscription, you will still have full access to the content until the end of your Trial or Subscription period. At the end of your Trial or Subscription period, you will lose access to the content and won’t be charged for the next subscription.

You will eventually be removed from the Lifebook Membership Facebook group as well.

2. Can I refund my Lifebook Membership?

We do not offer refunds for the Lifebook Membership subscription fee. The reason we provide the 30-day trial is to let you experience the Lifebook Membership content and community. You can cancel anytime within that 30-day trial period so that you won’t be charged for the full Lifebook Membership subscription fee.

3. Will I lose access to Lifebook Online or Lifebook Mastery if I cancel my Lifebook Membership trial?

No. When you sign up for the Lifebook Mastery and Lifebook Membership bundle, both Lifebook Online and Lifebook Mastery are permanently added to your account. You will have unlimited lifetime access to both programs even if you cancel your Lifebook Membership trial or subscription.

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