What is Mindvalley Premium Coaching?

Mindvalley Premium Coaching includes over 40 world class programs, a monthly training by Vishen Lakhiani, monthly group and 1-on-1 coaching with our best Mindvalley coaches, and a mastermind group of growth partners who will keep you accountable and motivated.

Mindvalley's Premium Coaching is exclusively for Mindvalley Membership students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Mindvalley Premium Coaching package include Mindvalley programs?

No, you would need to purchase the Mindvalley Membership subscription separately at $499. The Mindvalley Premium Coaching package only includes coaching sessions with your coach.

I've purchased the Mindvalley Premium Coaching package but still haven't received an email from my coach. When can I expect this?

First thing's first, let's make sure that you've signed up with your correct email address and there are no typos. Did you receive an email confirming your registration to the program?

If yes, please give it a few more business days and one of our coaches will reach out directly to you to schedule your one-on-one call.

If no, it's possible you may have signed up with a different email address, or it contains a typo. Please first try to check all your inboxes of your email address. If you believe there was a typo made, please contact our Customer Support team to have this corrected. You may contact us with the Chat icon on the bottom right of this page.

Can I change my coach if I am not satisfied?

We care that you feel connected and supported with your Coach. That is why we use elaborate AI to match you based on various factors.

However, if for clear reasons, you still desire to switch: you can switch once, straight after you had your first one-on-one call. Keep in mind the Coach has been assigned to you based on extensive features as well as that you are placed in a group which is meant to provide you the best support and inspiration.

Can I purchase extra Coaching sessions?

Yes, of course! Anything to make your transformation revolutionary. Please reach out to your coach directly to have this set up and to enquire about the additional rates.

Who can I reach out to when I have a question about the content in the Coaching process?

If you are an enrolled Coachee, your coach is your point of contact. If you feel you need to address something you can’t take to your coach, don’t hesitate to reach to us at Customer Support. 

Need more support? 

In case you have any questions on your Mindvalley account or your coaching, please check our Help Center articles first. 80% of all questions can be answered by our support articles. If you still need further support please contact our Customer Support by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right corner and we will be happy to assist, to get back on track.

Excited for our top class coaching? 

Stay tuned, we will release a new cohort launch soon. More information on signing up here

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