Frequently asked questions:

1. If I bought the Silva Life System Course before, will I get The Silva Ultramind Quest for free?

No. This program is entirely crafted with a new methodology, focus, and curriculum.

2. How does this new Silva Ultramind Quest different from the Silva Life System Course that I owned?

  1. Silva Life System was a Course. The Silva Ultramind Quest is a Quest. (Quests are special programs where you start the learning adventure with some 1000+ other students or do it independently.

  2. The Silva Ultramind System Quest has a different focus and is more advanced. 

  3. Silva Life System Course had different narrator/author. 

3. Where to find my bonuses?

(Please note that these bonuses are only for 18 May, 26 Oct, 2020 cohorts)

The Complete Creative Visualization Course
This premium program is the perfect complement to the Silva Ultramind System. In it you’ll get 12 powerful Creative Visualization Guided Meditations created by Vishen Lakhiani and Lisa Nichols. Each is designed to unlock a new chapter of your life. 

You can find it under the My Programs tab at the Series section as shown below:

Scroll down and you will see these there: 

4. Where can I find the Alpha & Theta Sound Audios?
These audios can be found under Resources as shown below. You can use them at various times throughout the Quest, or on its own as a relaxation and deepening tool.

5. Does The Silva Ultramind System have a certificate?

Yes, we offer certification upon completion. You can learn more via this article Certification FAQ

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