Getting started with your Mindvalley Membership.

Step 1: Logging in

Once you purchase your Mindvalley Membership, you will need to login to Mindvalley Account to begin a Quest. You can find all the information about logging in here.

Step 2: Finding your Quests

Once you are logged into your Mindvalley account, you will need to click on the Programs Tab to find your Quests. Please scroll down to Programs You Can Start to see the collection of Quests.

You will find more information on navigating your Mindvalley account here.

Tip: You can use the search bar next to the profile icon on the web to search for your Quest.

Step 3: Enrolling in a Quest

Once you have chosen a Quest to do, you will need to enroll in it to chose a date to begin. You will find more information on enrolling in a Quest here.

Step 4: Begin

Once you have enrolled in a Quest you can begin your learning.

Step 5: Changing a start date/ cohort

If you have started a Quest but would like to change to a different date, please click on the 3 dots on the top right hand corner of the main Quest page to open the date menu. You can find more information about changing your start date here.

Please note that perpetual Quests have only 1 start date. If you do not see the 3 dots to change the date then this is a perpetual Quest.

Completing a Quest

Once you complete a Quest it will move into the Completed Quests category under the Programs tab. You can always revisit these Quests to redo them here.

Live Calls

You'll be able to find the recordings of your live calls under the Channels tab in your account -

Please note that it takes at least 7 days for recordings to be uploaded from when the call took place.

Full List of Quests included

Click HERE for a full list of all the Quests included in your Mindvalley Membership.

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