What bonuses will I get if I preorder The Buddha and the Badass?

We are offering amazing bonuses with each early bird purchase. Buy a copy of this book now and you will get access to a pre-release excerpt of the Buddha and the Badass and also access to Vishen’s Inner Circle Facebook Group.

Click HERE to order your copy of The Buddha and the Badass.

What formats are available for this book, and how to get it?

The Buddha and the Badass is available in Hard Cover, e-book, and audiobook. You can find it in major bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

How to claim my bonuses?

To claim your bonuses, you can go to "Step 2: Claim Your Bonus” section on this page and fill out your information.

Upon filling it up, you will receive them in your email under this email subject: [Bonuses Inside] Thank You for Buying My Book: The Buddha and the Badass

You are still eligible for this bonus even if you purchased from other retailers that are not mentioned in our website, or purchased in different formats (like Audiobook or E-Book). You can submit multiple receipts at once.

What is the Vishen’s Inner Circle Facebook Group?

Vishen loves connecting with his tribe. In this group you will get access to behind the scenes specials, exclusive content and live Q&A sessions with Vishen. And if you have questions about the book or you want him to dive deeper in a particular subject, this is where you can get in touch with Vishen.

What if I don't have a Facebook account for Vishen’s Inner Circle Exclusive Facebook Group?

We understand that Facebook is not for everyone. At the moment it is the only medium that we use to connect students from across the globe to learn and grow from each other. Joining the Facebook group is optional, but highly encouraged. If you are open to explore some temporary solutions, you may create a dummy account for the sole purpose of the Inner Circle, and then delete it later when you would like to.

What is the ‘Be Extraordinary at Work’ bonus?

The ideas you’ll learn in The Buddha and the Badass will supercharge your career on an individual level. But it’s even more powerful if you can apply these ideas across your team or your company.

So if you’ve pre-ordered more than 5 copies for yourself and your colleagues, you’ll also get access to Vishen Lakhiani’s new program called Be Extraordinary at Work. You can find more information about this program here.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes, you can! By buying in bulk more than 5 books at once, you can get other special bonuses as well. The details of the bonus can be found on this page. To order, all you need to do is to email our fulfillment specialist at orders@bookhighlight.com

I made a single purchase for the book. How can I track its delivery?

We do not manage the delivery of the book from our side. Regarding delivery inquiries, please contact the support centre of the retailer you ordered from.

How can I order the book if I am not from the US or Canada?

If you are not from the US or Canada and would like to order more than 5 copies, you can email us at orders@bookhighlight.com, or purchase with your local retailers.

I ordered 5 copies via Book Highlight. How can I track its delivery?

As this shipment is fully handled by Book Highlight agency, to follow up on the shipment, please contact them directly at orders@bookhighlight.com.

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