Connections helps you instantly find like-minded souls, Mindvalley’s latest events and local meet-ups nearby.

Download the Connections App:

*The Connections App is currently only available for Mindvalley Quest All Access, Global Campus Subscribers and Mindvalley University & A-Fest 2021 ticket holders.

How do I login?

Your login details is the same as your Mindvalley Account. You can follow the steps in this article on How to Login to your Mindvalley Account.

Forgot your password?

Click "Recover it" on the login page and enter your email address. We will send you an email titled "Mindvalley: Change Password Request" with password reset instructions.


At the bottom of the app you will see the Today, People, Events, Chat and Profile icons.


Once you are logged in you will see your newsfeed on the Today page. This is where you can see updates from friends, events, interact or create your own posts.

The newsfeed is private to each network that you belong to. You can filter this by networks, friends or your own posts. Click on the network name under What's Happening to filter this.

Tap the 3 dots on the top right hand side if you wish to hide a post from your timeline.

You can tap the home icon to go back to your newsfeed at any time.


Here you will find all the people in your network and you can make new connections. Enable your location to find friends and connections near you.


Explore the official Mindvalley Events, join an event or host your own.

Under the Discover tab you will find upcoming events.

The Calendar tab has all the events

My Events has all the events that you have RSVP'd to.

How do I create an event?

Tap the + in the top right hand corner and you can create your own event. You can add a link to Google or Zoom meet online.

How do I join an event?

Tap the event and click RSVP. This will give you the option of Going or Not going.


We have partnered with Telegram. Get Telegram here, to create a login.

Once you've downloaded and set up Telegram, tap on the Chat icon at the bottom of your Connections app, then type your Telegram username as shown below:

Once you've successfully connected your Telegram username it will automatically load the screen below where you will find other members who also have Telegram. You can start chatting with your fellow tribe members by tapping on their name. You can also search for a specific person within the tribe by using the search tab on top of your screen.

Note: Should you wish to disable the Telegram feature simply tap on the Disconnect button boxed in red.

To explore more about the Chat feature click on this link - Connections App Chat Feature With Telegram

Your Profile

Fill in your details for your profile here. Tap the Pencil icons on the right hand side to update these sections. Click Save on the top right hand corner when you are done.


Tap the bell to see reminders about upcoming events.


As we are constantly improving the app, always ensure that your app is updated to the latest version.

HTTP 401 Unauthorized

If you are seeing this, it means that you do not have access.

*The Connections App is currently only available for Mindvalley Quest All Access, Global Campus Subscribers and Mindvalley University & A-Fest 2021 ticket holders.

Need further technical support?

Please click the chat icon on the bottom right hand corner to chat to one of our support agents.

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