Have you stumbled upon unauthorized sites that sell Mindvalley programs?

If you come across any pirated or counterfeit Mindvalley program please report it here.

You can also report this through the platform where you saw it.

Report a copyright infringement through Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

*Programs that are not on official sites, and are downloaded illegally are violating the copyright law.

Thank you for respecting our author's copyright rules, and reporting this copyright infringement.

Our security team is working hard to take down these unauthorized sites. Unfortunately in most cases, the speed at which this is removed depends on external platforms.

Once you have reported, we will keep working on it until it is taken down.


Purchasing a Mindvalley program should only be done through our authorized sites, such as our website, masterclasses, email lists, support articles, or through our Mindvalley All Access subscription.

When a student is NOT acquiring programs through authorized sites, they are losing access to learning platforms such as the Mindvalley web and app, our support, the tribes and communities, bonuses, resources, live calls, and more.

Purchasing programs from illegal sites also means that authors will not be receiving compensation for all the hard work and investment they’ve put in.

The Mindvalley team and its authors invest countless hours, love, manpower, and priceless resources in creating every transformational programs for you. Kindly inform your friends and family to only purchase programs through our official Mindvalley channels. Let's work hand in hand in mitigating the spread of content piracy.

You can always subscribe to our Mindvalley All Access to get full access to all our Quests.

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