To confirm your Start Date, simply view your purchase confirmation email for the information as shown in the image below. To find that email in your inbox, search for the subject: “Welcome to Lifebook Online”.

An example of your purchase confirmation email:

Scroll to the bottom of your email, to see your date to start and your refund deadline:

You can also find your Lifebook Online cohort dates within your program.

  1. Login to your Mindvalley Account

  2. Click on your Lifebook Online

  3. Open the main page of your program.

You will see the cohort start date you enrolled to, and the deadline to submit your refund request.

(Example Start date 20 July - Refund Deadline 4 Sep)

How the Accountability Refund Upon Completion works:

  • ONLY If you enrolled in the cohort corresponding to your purchase date (this is shown on the sales page before your purchase your Lifebook Online and in your purchase confirmation email), you will be eligible for your refund by using the refund form at the end of the program

For example: If you purchased your program on July 23, 2020, your corresponding cohort start date is on July 27, 2020. If you choose a start date that is beyond your corresponding cohort, this will disqualify you from applying for your refund upon program completion.

  • Due to the special nature of this program being fully refundable upon completion, it is not possible to change the start date. The program runs for 6 weeks, but you are given 7 weeks to complete your quest and apply for the refund.

  • Please make sure to submit your refund request within the deadline shown in your program. You can find the refund form in Lesson 20 of Lifebook Online, and will be accessible as soon as it unlocks.

  • Once the refund application period is over, you will be unable to request for a refund. You will have lifetime access to the Lifebook Online quest, and have a chance to revisit the program whenever you wish.

***IMPORTANT: Please be advised that if you change your cohort date, this action nullifies your eligibility to apply for refund upon completing your program.

Refund instructions

For more information, you can check this article: Lifebook Online’s “Free After Completion” Model

** Aside from the 'refund upon completion' offer, Lifebook Online also has a 15-day guarantee from purchase refund policy. During this period you will be able to access the warm-up section and other some parts of the program to test-run before making a decision to continue further.**

You can check this article for general information about our Refund Policies: How to Refund or Exchange any Program or Event Ticket

How do I start my Lifebook Online?

If you have just purchased your quest and need clarity on how to Enroll/Select a Start Date please check this article: How To Start and Access Your Quest

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