Mindvalley has four levels of programs depending on depth & level.

Quests and Classic Courses

Quests are special programs where you start the learning adventure with some 1000+ other students on a SPECIFIC date. You can refund your Quest anytime during the first 10 days from the start date of the Quest.

*Please note that on certain quests purchased from June 2020 the refund policy is 15 days from the purchase of the Quest.

Classic Courses have a 30-day refund policy.


Subscriptions work exactly like Netflix. Some subscriptions have trial periods, and some offer a refund period. You can activate either of them and cancel anytime before the deadline at no charge. After the refund or trial period, we do not offer refunds for subscription purchases.

After the deadline, you will be charged the annual subscription fee. You cannot get a refund after this point. You can cancel your subscription so you won't be charged the following year. But you will not be refunded for this year.

The trial/refund period for each subscription:

You can find more information on how to cancel your subscriptions HERE.

Mindvalley All Access

You can cancel your annual membership within 15 days from the date of purchase to get a full refund.

VAT Refund

You can read more about VAT Exemption HERE.

Self Refund

Everything you need to know about initiating a refund by yourself can be found HERE.

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