Where to Find the Quest?

Go to https://www.evercoach.com/ and click on “Programs”

Scroll down to find the Quest and click on “Learn More”

You can choose to payment plan that works the best for you:

Once your purchase is complete, a Mindvalley account will be automatically created. Just login to your account on Mindvalley Homepage with the same email that you used to purchase the quest.

⦁ All the details related to the login process is mentioned in the provided links , go through the below links for any query related to login



If you still can't find Holistic Coaching anywhere, please make sure you didn't sign up with another email, other than the one you're logged into your account. If that's the case, please login with the correct email address.

  • Login into your Mindvalley Account

  • Go to the “ My Programs “ Tab

  • Scroll down to My Programs and click on “All my programs”

  • Then select " Holistic Coaching "

Go through the following articles to know more about how to start a quest, when the lessons get unlocked



To download your journals and workbooks, please go to the “Resources” section of the Quest:

How to mark your lessons complete ?

In order to begin from where you left, you need to mark your lessons as complete:

Every lesson has some tasks at the end of it , follow the following steps to complete

your lesson:

⦁ Watch the video or listen to the audio podcast

⦁ Complete the Task which is mentioned in the lesson

⦁Click on the tab " Mark as Complete "

In order to get your certificate, you are required to complete a knowledge assessment:

For any queries related to Certificates, read the following article:


How to apply for Refund?

You can request a refund by clicking the button below and filling out the refund form.


For any more questions related to refunds, read the following article:


If there is any query that has still not been answered, contact us at:


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