What is the Forum about?

A platform that will enable you as a student to discuss, ask questions and exchange information about Mindvalley and its Quests with your peers. This acts as a big role for your transformational journey with us. We promote peer to peer engagement at the Forum. You can also find your answers via the FAQs available to you there. You can visit the Forum and click the button below.

Let's talk about the Features we have in stored for YOU!

If you already have an account with us go ahead, log in using the same email address you have signed up with us. This will give you full access to the Forum.

If you are a new student. You can Sign up and JOIN US!

You can use the Search button, on top of the page. Add keywords to search for what you are looking.

If you want to ask a question, you can type it under "Question" then click "Ask". In additional feature, you can add a Photo/Video to your posts or even a File/ Link to make your post more engaging.

You can also add a "Discussion" as well, by adding your inquiry and then click on "Post"

If you want to delete or edit any of the question or discussion you added, you can simply click on the three dot ( ... ) on the right side of the post as shown below.

We have kept you closely connected to the following:

  1. Mindvalley Website: Easy access to our Main Page.

  2. Support Center: Find answers to your questions and visit various articles.

  3. Feedback: Give us your feedback, which allows us to improve and grow.

  4. Stories: Share your moments, experiences with us.

  5. Search button: Search using keywords on different topics.

We also arranged a section for you to browse through these topics:

You can pick and chose from the various topics. Each topic covers several questions that you can find answers for.

Let's continue to grow and learn and have all your questions answered using the Forum that we created for all our students.

Continue to learn and grow with us here in Mindvalley!

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