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How can I make the best use of Coaching Mastery?
How can I make the best use of Coaching Mastery?
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Coaching Mastery is a vast library of insightful coach training. It covers in essence 5 different types of content:

  • The Art of Coaching: This contains coaching masterclasses and demonstrations. Watching these on a regular basis will automatically improve your coaching ability. The more regular you consume this part, the faster you’ll become a better coach.

  • Business Play-books: Sometimes the main problem you’ll be facing is actually not your product but your marketing. You’ll know that your product is great when you coach and your clients share with you the results they are getting thanks to your coaching. Business Play-books are designed for you to take a great product and market it to as many people as possible. Use these one at a time. Often you can do one of them in a weekend or over the span of a week.

  • Tools & Downloads: This part is mainly made for you to share with your clients. You’ll see that whenever you have a coaching session, it’ll be significantly more powerful when you use tools that have worked for others. You can download these tools, send directly to clients and go through them yourself. To make the best use of that, make sure you Download the Mindvalley App.

  • Live Calls & Peer Coaching: We organise peer coaching sessions every week and live calls with Ajit every month. This element is designed for you to take action. If you find yourself not taking enough action, join these and you’ll see yourself making progress quickly. Also if you haven’t coached much before, join the Peer Coaching sessions to immediately get started with coaching.

  • Mini-Quests: These are short training programs around a particular tool. Breath-work, Connection, Self-Love. Often these tools will be applicable in your own life.

Coaching Mastery’s highest value will show up for you over time.

One student shared the perfect way to consume Coaching Mastery and get the most of it:

“I listened to a session of Master’s Circle & Coaching Mastery every morning of a week, from Monday to Friday and I picked up whatever seemed most interesting to me at a time. Just 30 minutes every morning helped me raise my prices and revenue by over 300% in just one quarter.”

In short, to make the most of Coaching Mastery, commit to it for a year and let it wash over you for 30 minutes every day.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links

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