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I have just started my Career, can I be a coach?
I have just started my Career, can I be a coach?
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The question really isn’t whether you can or can’t be a coach. Everyone can be a coach, if they do the necessary deep work, face their challenges and fears and study from the best.

So yes, you can always be a coach. And usually, once you lose the urgency, you’ll find it quite easy and flowing as a learning process and a way to serve.

The actual question that you need to ask at the start of your career is whether you want to be a coach.

As rosy as the image may seem, being a coach is a commitment to stop hiding anything and get wildly uncomfortable. The profession really isn’t for everyone. To find out whether you enjoy coaching and want to pursue it as a profession, we’d encourage you to explore:

Throughout the program we encourage you to start coaching. Typically by the end of your 5th or 10th coaching session you’ll have somewhat of an idea whether you like to coach or not.

If you say that you do like it, all that’s left is a life full of learning in front of you. If it’s not for you, that’s great, too. You got to understand that about yourself.

Before you get started, I urge you to go through this video :

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