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Can I Do More Than One Quest At The Same Time?
Can I Do More Than One Quest At The Same Time?

All you need to know about managing several programs at a time.

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Do you want to take more than one program but not sure if it's possible?

Yes, you can! You have the choice to take as many quests as you can and retake them as often as you wish.

This all depends on your schedule and how you like to learn.

When you're ready to start a quest,

  • Go to Programs Tab and select the Quest you wish to start. To know more on how to find your programs, click here .

  • Scroll down the page and pick the Quest you wish to start from the categories shown below or

  • You can search for the Quest or Author using the Search bar icon on the top right corner of your page.

  • Once you selected the Quest, pick your preferred Learning method and start.

If you wish to take a break and come back later in a few days or weeks, you can do this and pick up from where you left off. You will find your quest under Today and Programs tab titled Continue Learning as shown above.

If you feel a little overwhelmed with the number of Quests that you are taking simultaneously you can Leave the program or change the start date.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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