Lifebook has a range of products that are offered on two different platforms, Mindvalley and Lifebook.

Lifebook Products in Mindvalley

  • Lifebook Online - a 6-week online program designed to help you craft a crystal-clear vision of your ultimate life in 12 categories. Through a series of videos, templates, and coaching calls, you will be invited to dive deep into your beliefs, values, dreams in order to produce an actionable, personalized blueprint of your ideal life. This blueprint, by the end of the program, is your very own Lifebook.

You can find more details about Lifebook Online in this article, and how its 'After Completion' model works here.

Lifebook Products on the Lifebook Platform

Starting December 1, 2020, Lifebook Membership & Lifebook Mastery are now being hosted on the new Lifebook platform. The Lifebook platform is fully supported by Lifebook and not Mindvalley.

Any inquiries, requests and support-related matters should be coursed through

Lifebook Mastery Membership

Lifebook Mastery Membership is an exclusive inner circle for Lifebook Online graduates committed to taking action and achieving their Life Vision.

Personally mentored by Jon & Missy Butcher - it provides a powerful action plan, an ongoing support, peer accountability, and a structured learning system to fast-track your success in all 12 dimensions of life.

In the exact same way Lifebook Online was a step-by-step process to help you ENVISION your ideal life, Lifebook Mastery Membership is a step-by-step system that will help you ACHIEVE IT.

You can find more details about the new Lifebook Mastery Membership article.

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