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10x is included in the Mindvalley Membership.

  • 10x is a 12-week online total body transformation program.

  • Join Lorenzo and Ronan for just 10-15 minutes a day as they guide you through the core exercises for activating your adaptive response mechanisms, engaging your muscles - and permanently transforming your health & fitness in just 15 minutes of working out, twice a week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the main difference between 10X and The Longevity Blueprint Quest?

  • The Longevity Blueprint Quest is Ben Greenfield's personal collection of exercises and routines that you can learn and decide what you want to apply in your life to extend longevity.

  • 10X is a focused program to help you achieve your dream body through a hyper-efficient method. In 10X, the main focus is on developing your strength and muscle mass. 10X also lays out how your workouts evolve over time. The goal of 10X is to share focused strategies that will get you results.

Does 10x have any fitness, health, or age requirements? Can I do 10X if I'm over 60 years old or have a serious injury/illness?

  • 10x can be used by virtually anyone of any fitness level or age (Vishen’s dad was 70 years old when he started it). However, to enjoy the best results and comfortably follow along, we recommend having a moderate level of health and fitness relative to your age.

  • This means you should already be comfortable with performing basic resistance exercises, and not be suffering from any debilitating injuries or illnesses that would stop you from exercising regularly.

Is 10x also suitable for weight loss?

  • The 10x methodology is designed to both burn fat and build muscle at the same time, making it ideal for shaping your physique and getting rid of some stubborn excess fat on your body.

  • However, it is not a specialized weight loss program. If your main goal is to lose significant amounts of weight rather than improve your fitness, we recommend starting out with Wildfit: Mindvalley’s optimal nutrition program that resets your relationship with food and returns you to a healthy weight.

Is gym membership/equipment needed?

Yes, some are needed but we have different tiers. Please see the list below.

Home Equipment List

Tier 1

These are basic pieces of equipment that will allow you to do at least one basic variation of all exercises. Think of them as your minimum to be able to train and progress on your results.

  • Resistance bands. One set of looped resistance bands (1 light, 1 medium, and 1 heavy resistance).

  • Dumbbells: 3 pairs of dumbbells, at least. Adjustable dumbbells are more expensive but a much more convenient option. More sets of dumbbells, if that’s available for you, will support faster progress.

  • - Light: 4-8 Kg for men | 2-4 Kg for women.

  • - Medium: 10-14 Kg for men | 6-10 Kg for women.

  • - Heavy: 16 Kg or above for men | 12 Kg or above for women.

  • Pull-up bar. Anything you can hang yourself from and can attach resistance bands to will work. The cheapest, most convenient, and also one of the best options is the type of bar you can place in the doorway with no holes or screws.

Tier 2

These will allow you to perform all exercises of this program that don’t require gym only equipment and to progress towards the heaviest and most challenging forms of each exercise.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll want them, try the exercises of week 1 first and make your call after that in case there’s an exercise you want to do that requires some of these items.

  • Gym bench. A flat, cheaper bench allows for all the main exercises like bench press one-arm dumbbell rows. An adjustable bench that can be set in different angles is an upgrade that allows a few extra, minor exercises, like the dumbbell overhead press (that can also be done while standing, although seated is more convenient) and inclined bicep curl.

  • Swiss ball. Used for one variation of the squat movement and one variation of a hamstring exercise.

  • Gymnastic rings. Used for an advanced type of push up and an advanced back exercise, the inverted row. A TRX band works just as well.

Gym Equipment List

If you looking for a gym, this is a checklist of the equipment you’re going to need. These are often the most common gym equipment items:

  • Basic Free Weight Equipment

  • Dumbbells. -

  • Benches. Flat and adjustable.

  • Machines

Tier 1:

Along with the basics free weight equipment, these machines allow for all the main exercises of the program. Any variation of each of the following machines will work.

  • Leg Press machine.

  • Lat pulldown cable station or lat pulldown machine.

  • Cable row or horizontal row machine (not to mistake with cardio rowing machines).

  • Chest press. - Shoulder press.

Tier 2:

This allows for extra exercises you can choose to do to emphasize results on specific muscles.

  • Cable crossover station.

  • Pull up bar.

  • Leg curl.

  • Leg extension.

  • Back extension bench or machine.

  • Calf raise machine.

Other Equipment

These items allow for a few specific exercise options. If they’re not available, you can still easily use the tier 1 machines or free weights instead.

  • Swiss ball.

  • Gymnastic rings or TRX.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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