Here's an overview of the different features offered in the Soulvana App.

Immersions tab

On the main Immersions tab, you can find various authors and different sections, including Top Rated content and Latest Releases in order to stay up to date with what's new on the App. To find specific immersions we suggest using the search button at the top right of the page (a small round lens icon). On this tab, you can also gift your friends with 7 days of free access to the Soulvana PLUS subscription.

Search function

The powerful search function allows you to find exactly what you are looking for. You can search by author, topic, or keyword or select multiple authors or tags as well. This lets you find what you are looking for in the fastest way and also allows you to discover new content.


Plans are collections of group immersions on similar topics that are focused on improving a certain area of your life or spiritual development. These are usually 7 days long and include 7 different immersions from various authors. These plans help you to focus on a particular topic.


Classes are small mini-courses by our authors that consist of bite-sized lessons that are easy to go through amidst your daily activities. To unlock every session you have to listen to the previous lesson to the end first. For example, to unlock lesson 2, you have to listen to lesson 1 to the end. These classes also include different tools that are listed at the bottom of the class page, right below the sessions.


The spotlight tab keeps you updated with the latest news regarding the different webinars we offer and the important changes that we make.


The profile tab gives you access to your personal information, downloads, and settings. In addition to changing your personal information, you can use this tab to Rate the App, Give us feedback, and log out of the App if necessary. This tab also lists the current version of your App, which is valuable to us when troubleshooting issues.

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