In addition to the Soulvana App, we also offer several different programs called Journeys on the Mindvalley platform. These programs deal with various spiritual topics from manifesting to breathwork and shamanism and feature well-known authors in the field such as Regan Hillyer, Juan Pablo Barahona, Niraj Naik and more.

The Programs Currently Included Are:

  1. Liberating Through Dance with Parashakti Sigalit

  2. Recalling Your Soul Mission with Ashtara Ren

  3. Mastering Reiki For Personal Transformation with Brett Bevell

  4. Success Magic with Marie Diamond

  5. Unlocking The Powers of Sleep with Nadine McNeil

  6. Qi Secrets To Youthful Living with Hang Wang

  7. Manifesting Financial Abundance with Regan Hillyer

  8. Quantum Health with Juan Pablo Barahona

  9. Dream Life Alchemy with Ariya Lorenz

  10. Mastering the Power of Breath with Niraj Naik

  11. Quintessence with Manex Ibar

  12. Be a Modern Master with Deborah King

  13. Love or Above with Christie Marie Sheldon

  14. Quantum Jumping Into Ideal Life with Burt Goldman

You can purchase the Soulvana subscription here.

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