Group Immersions are transformational group meditations, healings, activations, ascensions and manifestations, available at your fingertips through your Soulvana app, with thousands of people participating live.

Group Immersions are guided by the world’s best spiritual teachers and are enhanced with advanced multi-sensory technology of sound, colors, energy and sacred geometry, these spiritual group experiences will take your meditation, energy work, spiritual practice, ascensions and life to a whole new level.

Group Immersions are designed to help you experience supreme levels of connectedness with your true self, your higher guides, other participants and the rest of humanity.

Thousands of people like you from all around the world participate and connect, start the together, meditate, visualize and do energy work together, simultaneously, in unity, and go through the entire experience together.

Together, we create a powerful energy field, a fountain of youth and collective coherence, engineered to help you heal, ground, recharge, evolved, manifest and send love, light and healings to all of humanity, planets, animals, planet Earth and all sentient beings.

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