Soulvana app is for the people who want to accelerate their spiritual evolution, activate their limitless potential and gifts, raise their consciousness and bring extraordinary transformations to all key aspects of their life.

It’s for people who want to be a part of and contribute to something bigger - a grand cause and a mission of helping humanity raise to higher consciousness and creating a new world of peace, unity, compassion, love, collaboration on planet Earth.

It’s for people who feel called to help and serve others by providing their gifts to the service of humanity. Healers, authors, lightworkers, starseeds, shamans, teachers, speakers, artists, creators, coaches and everyone else who wants to contribute in co-creating a better new world and enlighten people in any way.

Its high-vibrational supporting community, world’s best teachers and cutting edge technology makes Soulvana a perfect environment for people who are interested in discovering, exploring, practicing and learning about the infinite dimensions of life, reality and spirituality.

The topics of our Group Immersions, Healing Chambers and Sonic Therapies range from human consciousness, collective evolution, energy work, higher realms, quantum physics, psychic abilities, frequencies and vibrations to alternative health practices, metaphysical, etheric and invisible aspects of life, the Universe and the nature of inter-connected reality.

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