Soulvana is a revolutionary iOS and Android app for spiritual people that will take your healings, activations, ascensions, manifestations, meditation, energy work, and spiritual practice to a whole new level.

Soulvana gives you instant access to Group Immersions, Immersions, Healing Chambers, Sonic Therapies and other transformational programs with the world’s best spiritual teachers, healers and guides, designed to help you heal, recharge, shield, reconnect, evolve and start thriving in all areas of your life and dimensions of your being.

Every week, new programs and tools are added to your Soulvana app, covering a rich diversity of topics and ares of life. There’s always something new, diverse and exciting happening every week.

More than that, Soulvana is a growing community of evolved people from all over the world, and a mission to heal, unite, enlighten and raise the consciousness of humanity on a planetary scale.

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