Certified Business Coach is a certification program that puts together the proven practices of over 70 master coaches that Evercoach has worked with to train over 140,000 coaches worldwide. The proven practices you’ll learn will make you a highly-skilled business coach-consultant who can consistently deliver results for businesses

Here’s what you will learn in the 4 modules of this program:

Module 1: Introduction Setting yourself up for success for the rest of this Certification.

Module 2: Fundamentals of Coaching You will learn the foundations on which the entire field of coaching is built.

Module 3: Applying Coaching Competencies You will master the coaching competencies to drive results as a coach.

Module 4: Business Consulting You will understand the fundamental pillars that build businesses and how to consult for the top 10 challenges they face along the way

If you’d like to find out how to join Certified Business Coach, check out :https://www.evercoach.com/cbc

Here’s what graduates of the Certified Business Coach program have to say about it : https://stories.mindvalley.com/product/certified-business-coach

Do you have more questions? Checkout our FAQs and find your answers https://www.evercoach.com/cbc#faq

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