How long will I go through transformation with my Coach?

True transformation requires time and investment. (Rome was not built in 1 day). The Coaching Year is 12 months in pair with your Mindvalley Membership.

How long is each one-on-one call and group call with Coach?

Both formats are 60 minutes long.

How will the Coaching calls be held? Audio, video, phone, Zoom?

Typically, the calls are held over Zoom, Hangouts or phone. Your Coach will establish that with you to what works best.

Can I change my coach if I am unsatisfied?

We care. We care that you feel connected and supported with your Coach. That is why we use elaborate AI to match based on various factors. However, if for elaborated clear reasons, you truly desire to switch: please reach out to This is allowed in the onboarding period until 4 days after your first 1-on-1.

That said, the Coach has been assigned to you based on thoroughly designed factors as well as that you are placed in the group of which the synergy is calculated to provide you the greatest support and inspiration.

Can I purchase extra Coaching sessions?

You can. Anything to make your transformation revolutionary. Please once you have started the Coaching Year, reach out to to enquire about additional rates and have this arranged.

Any guidelines around the communication with my Coach besides the calls?

Most communication will be done within the Telegram group with your Coach and Coachees. That said, for private and perhaps urgent matters, the Coaches lovingly welcome (at reasonable amounts, naturally) your reach outs to them personally.

  • Scheduling matters, please contact directly with your Coach, and if something related to other matters - please communicate this with us ( to not impact the connection time within the group chat or calls.

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