When will I have group calls with Vishen?

Most of them will be at the start of each month. Specific dates will be shown when available in this calendar. We appreciate your patience as we toggle around with best timings in Vishen’s calendar and therefore are likely only able to schedule two weeks in advance and sometimes even only a few days upfront, given his dynamic calendar. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we try to establish together the best time possible. You shall receive an update on the group calls in the Telegram Channel. To not miss out, please make sure to bookmark the calendar to keep track of it. The Zoom link to access is provided there too.

Will I be able to ask Vishen questions?

Bring it on! His 1-hour sessions will be with all Coachees together via Zoom. There will be a Q&A chat where you are able to ask questions and at times he also loves checking in to address what you would love to discuss. Therefore, you are definitely encouraged to prepare any questions and ask them during the group call.

What will the group calls with Vishen be about?

Vishen will be sharing special learnings from his newest book versions and on various topics about which he learns every week from the best experts across the world. He teaches and discusses topics that are relevant in the moment, including revolutionary insights on life hacking and beyond.

How can I soak up even more information & learnings through Mindvalley?

  • Mindvalley offers, outside of this Premium Coaching program, also other online events which are shown in this calendar. It shows Mindvalley Membership Calls with Vishen and any upcoming sessions with our trainers.

  • Mindvalley Meditation Omvana App & Soulvana App

  • Mindvalley Podcasts

  • Mindvalley YouTube Talks

  • Mindvalley Blog

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