Given privacy concerns around Facebook regulations, we have decided to use Telegram instead of WhatsApp. Please, therefore, if not already, download the Telegram app and join the

  1. Mindvalley Premium Coachees - Channel on your phone. Super simple to use, just like WhatsApp.

  2. On top, please join the dedicated Telegram Group (the right link is indicated in your onboarding email) in which you can interact, share wins & challenges and to connect on a deeper level with all Coachees from different cohorts.

  3. Please note that this is with all badges of Coachees so in case this may feel overwhelming to you when it comes to the amount of messages, no pressure at all, oke? The level of interaction is entirely up to you. The greatest interaction for you would be in your smaller dedicated Telegram group which will be created once you are matched with your group and Coach.

Also, for extra value and connecting with the right people, we have created special subgroups in Telegram focused on topics which Coachees have indicated to have a deep interest in.

Please note this is an added value for which we offered the space spontaneously, yet the facilitation is amongst the tribe itself. Feel free to join, interact, leverage, learn and co-teach yourself:

For the Coaching calls itself, the Coach will define this with you. Typically, Zoom or Google Hangouts is used.

Please also make sure to have become part of the Mindvalley community through the Connections App. Here you can connect individually and view online events organised by Tribe Members (of whom you are one) worldwide.

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