How many people will be in my Growth Partners group?

This will range between 5 - 10 individuals. We aim for the best synergy possible. This thus depends on the ideal match based on your needs, desires, and background which has been measured through brilliant AI and human matching.

Who will be my Growth Partners?

Based on all the personal details you shared, you will be connected with those who are going through the same or similar journey like yourself with thus the highest likelihood for connection and growth. “In It Together”.

How can I get the most out of my Growth Partners group?

We encourage you to share thoughts, wins, challenges. Perhaps you even want to share videos, photos, quotes or whatever is occupying your mind. This group is there to keep you accountable making the changes you indicated you wanted to make. Willpower is a thing, but sometimes we need that extra kick in the ass, right? Also, sharing your growth will inspire others too. Sharing challenges makes you human, and others can help inspire you in return and help you solve struggles.

How can I connect with my peers?

In your onboarding email, there is the Telegram link to join the general Telegram channel. Once the match is announced, your Coach will send you the link to join your ‘private Telegram group’ with your selected peers. Within this group, share anything you like (excluding promotions) and feel free even to ask for advice or support when needed.

How can I connect even deeper with my peers?

Besides the arranged interactions, we highly encourage online Campfire sessions. This is not part of the program but we have suggested this in the past and Coachees loved this. Therefore, we encourage anyone of YOU to take the lead and organise. The power of the tribe.

This could be for instance 1 hour, using Zoom/Hangouts, where you connect over any topics you desire like health, relationships, career or any other area. Or to simply share online coffee chats to connect. Perhaps they will even become your lifelong friends! You are connecting every month for 12 months. Hence, we have seen beautiful long-lasting friendships being created over time. Enjoy!

Recommendation: Who in your mastermind group wants to become ‘Campfire Champion’? This person would outline a few dates over the months and for those who volunteer to lead each session. Mapping out in advance helps to ensure most if not everyone can attend.

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