At your Mindvalley dashboard, you will see the word Level and a number next to your Profile picture, this indicates which Level you are in based on your subscriptions and purchases. You can find this at the top right of the Navigation bar as shown below:

There are 4 different Levels, Lets go through them:

Level 1:

When you sign up to any of our Masterclasses, you will be under Level 1, these are Free classes you can attend by signing up and selecting the Quest you are interested in, you will be asked to pick a day and time that you prefer to start. Click here to discover more attend a Masterclass

Level 2:

When you purchase an Individual Quest or program but no subscription, you'll be upgraded to Level 2. All purchased programs are for you to keep and you'll have a life time access. You can also re- take the Quest as often as you wish, click here to discover more

Level 3:

When you subscribe to our Mindvalley Membership, you will be upgraded to Level 3. You can be subscribed yearly or monthly depending on your preference and you will receive the same programs and offers in both. You can subscribe to Mindvalley Membership here.

Level 4:

Mindvalley Premium Coaching is the highest level and the most elite upgrade you will get which is Level 4. It consists over 40 world class programs, a monthly training by Vishen Lakhiani, monthly group and 1-on-1 coaching with our best Mindvalley coaches. To get this upgrade click here.

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