Mindvalley Summit 2021, taking place on Friday, June 18 to Sunday, 20, is a life-changing virtual deep dive meticulously engineered to level you up fast, connect you with incredible people and set you on a lifelong path of growth and transformation. You’ll join the planet’s brightest minds as they empower you with new skills and a rejuvenated mindset for thriving in this new world.


We’ve created a powerful agenda featuring 4 parallel growth tracks, each representing a unique focus area of your life:

  1. Mindset & Performance

  2. Health & Relationships

  3. Spirit & Soul

  4. Entrepreneurship & Career

Each day, you’ll be immersed in a variety of immersive talks, interviews, and embodiment sessions- along with the best-in-class teachers and passionate students that make us the world’s most vibrant personal growth movement.

The program will run from Friday, June 18 to Sunday, June 20 from 7AM PDT to 2PM PDT.

Friday, June 18 at 7AM PDT to 2PM PDT (Los Angeles)

10AM New York / 3PM London / 7.30PM New Delhi

Saturday, June 19 at 7AM PDT to 2PM PDT (Los Angeles)

10AM New York / 3PM London / 7.30PM New Delhi

Sunday, June 20 at 7AM PDT to 2PM PDT (Los Angeles)

10AM New York / 3PM London / 7.30PM New Delhi

Use the Time Zone Converter to make sure you’re showing up at the right time.


You can sign up for the event for free HERE.


If you have purchased a ticket with an upgrade, you will get access to the recordings of all the sessions.

The recordings will be up on the Mindvalley platform within a week after the event, and you’ll receive an email with clear instructions on how to access them.

I signed up for the event but haven’t received any emails

Please check your spam folder and search for emails from Mindvalley.

In case you have unsubscribed from our emails and wan't to receive information about the event, please resubscribe before registering for the event here. For further questions, please contact us at events@mindvalleysupport.com.

Platforms & Technical Questions

Which platform will the online seminar take place on?

The event will be taking place on Zoom. Zoom is a free online video conferencing platform that supports mobile and tablet as well as your laptop or desktop computer.

Do I need to download Zoom?

All you need is the software application named Zoom. Follow the instructions below to download zoom.

1. Download and install Zoom to your preferred device(s). It only takes a few minutes and it's free.

2. Test Your Zoom Connection: You can join a test Zoom meeting by visiting zoom.us/test to familiarize yourself with Zoom and test your microphone and speakers.

For full instructions please visit: support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115002262083-Joining-a-Test-Meeting.

If you don’t have (or don’t wish to install) Zoom on your computer, you can use the link to join from your Chrome web browser. To take full advantage of the program, we suggest that you download it to your desktop or mobile device to join.

Do I need a Zoom account to join?

No, you don’t need a Zoom account to join. Just download Zoom or open the Zoom link in your web browser sent to you prior to the event and enjoy!

How do I submit questions during the sessions?

If you have questions, you can post these in the Q&A section during the session.

Speaker and content-related questions

If you have any questions regarding our speaker and/or their content, please do send an email to events@mindvalleysupport.com so we can help answer your question(s).

What is the best place to connect with other attendees during and after the event?

You can connect with other attendees on Zoom (there’s an option to also message people privately during the sessions).

For Mindvalley Members:

Connections by Mindvalley is an app where you'll be able to connect with fellow students from across the globe to expand your network and organize meetups.

Download the Connections App:

You can read more about the app here.

Where can I get more information?

Feel free to contact us at events@mindvalleysupport.com.

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